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Four Emirati armored vehicles was destroyed in the south of the Libyan capital

The Libyan National Accord Government forces announced the destruction of 12 armed vehicles, backed by four Emirati armored vehicles, in a renewed fighting south of the capital, Tripoli.

The Government of National Accord (GNA) spokesman, Muhammad Qanunu, said that their forces launched an attack on the concentrations of elements belonging to the militia of Haftar, which infiltrated the equestrian bridge (on the Airport Road) with an infantry force reinforced by four Emirati armored vehicles.

Qanunu added that they dealt with the enemy after stationing near the equestrian bridge, and the GNA artillery hit the positioning of the infiltrating militia.

Haftar militias, backed by the UAE and Egypt, since April 4, have staged a deadly offensive to take control of Tripoli, the seat of the internationally recognized government.

Qanunu stated that the government forces succeeded in the axis of Al-Khalatat Road in dealing with a gang of Haftar militias, which tried to cut off the road, and the infiltrating gang was lured, and launched a sweeping attack on it.

According to Qanunu, the clashes resulted in the killing of at least 10 Haftar militants.

This comes as the aircraft supporting the Haftar militia supported by Abu Dhabi are still targeting the civilian neighborhoods of the capital, Tripoli, and the adjacent areas that are under the authority of the GNA government.

The Education Monitor in the municipality of Tajoura published a video on its official website, “Facebook”, a video showing the state of panic in which the children of the Martyrs of Freedom School in Tajura were injured during the fall of shells near it due to the bombing of the Abi Al-Shahr area.

The shells fell as the children prepared to leave the school and were in the school yard waiting for their parents to return to their homes, while a divine miracle prevented any of the children from being harmed.

The shells that fell between a citizen’s house and the school resulted in the death of an elderly woman and a number of other injuries to her family.

And at the time, the UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salama, renewed his condemnation of the continued air strikes targeting civilian sites in western Libya, without naming the person responsible for them.

On Saturday, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights announced that she had documented at least 284 deaths and 363 civilian casualties since the start of the Haftar aggression on the capital, Tripoli, last April, noting that among this number there are 182 civilians were killed by the air strikes.

Haftar’s attack on Tripoli canceled efforts by the United Nations to hold a dialogue conference between Libyans, as part of an international road map to address the conflict.

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