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Israeli celebration of burning a Jewish candlestick behind Khalifa tower

Israel’s Arabic website, affiliated with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, celebrated a new normalization event with the UAE, which was the arson of a Jewish holiday candle behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

And the site published a news saying that the children of the Jewish community in the Emirate of Dubai lit the eighth and final candle for the Jewish Hanukkah festival, with a picture of the Jewish candlestick and the Burj Khalifa behind it.

The vast majority of independent historians, “Hanukkah” or “Nowar”, are not considered a Jewish religious celebration, but rather an Israeli colonial ritual. In fact, it is a celebration to commemorate the inauguration and construction of the alleged second temple in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and Hanukkah means in Hebrew “inauguration.”

Months ago, a secret synagogue was discovered in a prestigious neighborhood in the Emirates.

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