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UAE boosts its influence in Sudanese army by promoting fake coups

Emirates Leaks learned from reliable sources that pro-UAE military figures are stepping up their influence in the Sudanese army by promoting counterfeit coups by campaigning against their opponents.

The sources revealed that the UAE is running an influential crisis cell in the Sudanese army. Its aim is to get rid of all those who oppose Abu Dhabi’s influence in and the military council and support the popular revolution in the country.

Systematic steps were taken by promoting false coups in the ranks of the army and use this to launch arrest campaigns for opponents inside and outside the military body.

The cell of the UAE crisis in the Sudanese army is headed by Vice President of the Military Council Mohammad Hamdan Daklu, known as Hamidti, who is considered the most prominent men of Abu Dhabi in Sudan now.

Today’s news spread about a “coup attempt” and the launch of a campaign of arrests among Sudanese army officers.

Some of the names of military officers who were said to have been arrested were reported by Sudanese media, including Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hashim Abdulmuttalib, Central District Commander Major General Bahr, Major General Nasruddin Abdul Fattah, and General Abdul Azim Mohammed Al Amin, Commander of the Popular Defense Forces.

Counterfeit coups used to be promoted by loyalists to the UAE to get rid of their opponents in the army, including on 13 June last. The army arrested two groups of officers, the first of five officers, and the second number of 12 officers.

The United Arab Emirates continues its subversive plots in Sudan in order to disrupt its popular revolt against the military rule. This has increased the country’s turbulent landscape and turned it into a field of rivalry between a number of regional powers.

The UAE is pressing all its tools to support the Sudanese military council, in order to replicate what happened in Egypt in the wake of the 25 January revolution.

The military leaders are trying to promote military coup rumors, by announcing that attempts to overthrow the coup have been thwarted from time to time. This move comes to terrorize the street and create an excuse to devote the authorities and powers to their hands during this phase.

The military leaders rely on the political, financial, and media support provided by the UAE and its allies in Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

The struggle for influence in the Middle East has moved to the Horn of Africa, as the UAE and Saudi have invested heavily in the most impoverished region of the world.

The newspaper pointed out that the crackdown launched by the military council in Sudan has made the intervention policies pursued by the Gulf countries, especially the UAE in the Horn of Africa is under control.

The newspaper pointed out that the leaders of the council wanted to remove the sit-in peaceful protesters in front of the headquarters of the General Command of the army in Khartoum by force. The message that they will not bow to popular pressure to accept the transfer of power to civilians.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE hold hopes for Sudan’s military leaders to protect their interests, including keeping Sudanese troops within the Riyadh-led coalition in the war on Yemen.

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