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UAE intelligence tortured Palestinian to death in Yemen

Intelligence members of the United Arab Emiratis ruling regime killed a member of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Yemen in the latest Abu Dhabi crimes against Palestinians and Arabs.

Palestinian sources confirmed that Salim Ahmed Maarouf, 36, was killed on Friday morning after being arrested at a security checkpoint in the Yemeni province of Marib.

The sources said that the elements of the UAE intelligence kidnapped Maarouf and tortured him to death, knowing that he works for the Foundation of Jerusalem International in Sana’a and works as the imam of the mosque of the University of faith in Yemen and has five children.

Hamas movement mourned the dead and demanded that the Yemeni security forces open an investigation into the incident and bring the perpetrators to justice as soon as possible, explaining that he has been living in Yemen for more than 15 years.

The rulers of the UAE are involved terrible crimes they commit in Yemen, especially in the province of Aden, targeting preachers and imams of the province because of their key role in uncovering their criminal plans against the province and exposing the reality of its occupation.

Aden witnessed during the recent period at least 15 assassinations targeting preachers and imams which made all activities and institutions in city shoulder the UAE the full responsibility of the involvement of its rulers with hundreds of horrific crimes.

Preachers and imams targeted by the UAE are affiliated with the Salafist movement as opposed to coalition policies in Aden, represented by the UAE.

The preachers and mosque imams in the city of Aden shouldered the legitimate government and the coalition forces in the city the full responsibility for their safety. They demanded that those responsible for the “systematic assassinations” of the imams, preachers, and advocates of Aden must be brought to justice.

A statement issued by preachers imams stated that “all the assassinations of the preachers and imams are proceeding according to a criminal methodology seeks to evacuate the arena of reformers and preachers.”

The statement claimed responsibility for the lives of imams and preachers “of the legitimate government and the Arab alliance represented by the UAE military forces and all the security formations” affiliated with it in Aden.

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