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UAE lobby gangs reaching UN officials

The ruling regime in the UAE relies on lobby gangs deployed in the United States and Europe to increase its influence and mobilize positions aimed at covering up its violations and attacking its opponents.

An investigation published by an American website revealed that the UAE lobby gangs recently included hiring United Nations officials in a blatant attempt to reduce criticism of the reports of the International Organization of Abu Dhabi Crime.

According to Al-Monitor, the UAE has signed a contract with the second assistant to the former US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, and named Max Alishman (the former POWER communications director).

A contract sent by the UAE to “Silver Park” for $400,000 indicates the details of the new “Alishman” role. The contract was signed on November 19.

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Justice, communications and strategic consulting work “may include specific tasks regarding representatives of media organizations and/or other activities of interest to the foreign manager (UAE), including global security, development assistance and other related issues.” The company will also provide “website development services” for the mission.

This is not the first time that the UAE has hired Bauer officials at the United Nations.

The rental of “Northern Hajar” between 2016-2018 has sparked a lot of controversy. The e-mails published by “The Intercept” between “Shamali” and the UAE ambassador in Washington, Yousef Al-Otaiba Shamali, tried to distort “without leaving Emirati fingerprints” a non-governmental organization, which is the Human Rights Watch Organization in the Arabian Peninsula and photographed as a Houthi interface.

Power, one of the strongest human rights defenders, has been a strong critic of US intervention in the Saudi-led war against the Houthis in Yemen after President Donald Trump took office, even though she remained silent under the Barack Obama administration.

The new rental of the UAE comes at a time when the country faces repeated criticism in the periodic reports issued by the United Nations against the background of its crimes and violations against civilians in Yemen and Libya.

On November 29, the team of experts presented the United Nations with a strong report to the Security Council in which the UAE, Egypt and Jordan accused the Libyan revolutionary leader Khalifa Haftar in clear violation of the United Nations arms embargo on Libya. The group is investigating the activities of Ari bin Menashi, for playing a potential role in the fighting, and in turn he accused the UAE of transporting Sudanese soldiers participating in the Yemeni war and under its leadership to the Libyan war arena.

At the same time, criticism of the UAE continues for its role in Yemen, where its support for separatists through the Southern Transitional Council threatens to dismantle the anti-Houthi coalition. After the state announced that most of its forces were withdrawn from Yemen in July, the Yemeni government requested a Security Council session on the bombing of the UAE against its forces.

Also, this month, Reuters news agency published Emirati attempts to penetrate the accounts of diplomats representing its competitors at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The United Nations confirmed the attacks on the news outlet.

The site notes that former Power’s aide Alysischman is no stranger to Middle East affairs and lobbying efforts on behalf of his country. He previously worked with Glover Park Group, which represented Saudi Arabia and the Dubai-based consultancy, Adelaide Business Consulting DMCC, but was the senior director of Breakwater Strategy, established by the co-founder of the Glover Park Ben Zeevi Group.

Among the names mentioned in the account are Victoria Isser, the assistant secretary for digital strategy at the State Department during Obama’s term, and Joshua Gross and Brett O’Brien who work with the Glover Group.

Lobby Glover Group is working separately for the Emirati Embassy in Washington and the Investment Authority in Abu Dhabi.

The Emirati system is investing huge amounts of money in its policies based on attempts to gain influence in the service of its conspiracies at the expense of the worsening economic crisis in the country.

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