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HRW calls on the Biden administration to stop arms sales to the UAE

Human Rights Watch (HRW) called on US President Joe Biden’s administration to stop arms sales to the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

In a statement, the organization highlighted the crimes committed by the UAE and Saudi Arabia against civilians in Yemen as part of their years-long war.

HRW stressed the need to stop selling weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

War crimes

The organization stated that conflict parties in Yemen, especially the UAE, have continued to violate war laws over the past year.

“Including what amounts to be new war crimes.”

“Years of violations have shown that the parties to the conflict in Yemen have no incentive to stop their violations without a real possibility of accountability,” said Afrah Nasser, a researcher on Yemen at Human Rights Watch.

“Concerned governments should publicly endorse calls for international accountability measures.”

She added, “The incoming Biden administration has the opportunity to make a positive impact in Yemen by stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.”

“At least until unlawful attacks stop and previous violations are investigated credibly.”

The Saudi-Emirati coalition has waged a devastating war on Yemen since 2015.

The war, which continues for the sixth year, left at least 233,000 dead.

Besides, 80 per cent of the population of about 30 million people depend on humanitarian aid.

The United Nations classifies Yemen as facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Support militia

The UAE is the second country in the Arab coalition in the war on Yemen.

During the war years, Abu Dhabi established forces parallel to the Yemeni government, controlling several southern governorates in Yemen.

The UAE and the forces loyal to it in Yemen are accused of repeated violations.

These include killing civilians and government soldiers by airstrikes and establishing secret prisons and practising various methods of torture in those prisons.

Three months ago, political activists in Yemen launched a human rights association for those affected by “Emirati violations” in Shabwa governorate, south of the country.

Under the name “Association of Shabwa Sons affected by the Emirates and its militias’ crimes,” the association will seek to punish the criminals and provide redress victims’ families subjected to UAE’s violations.

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