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“Devil of Arabs”… Twitter trend for the second day

Tweeters continued a large-scale campaign attacking the policies of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed by branding the “Devil of Arabs” to condemn his crimes inside and outside the UAE.

The trend has emerged among the strongest tags on the Twitter site in the Arab Gulf region, especially in Yemen, which has been suffering from two things due to Mohamed bin Zayed’s crimes against civilians for years.

Emirati, Gulf and Arab singers participated in the aforementioned campaign amid a reminder of bin Zayed’s crimes in Yemen, Libya and many other countries.

The tweeters highlighted the sharp deterioration in the reputation of the UAE externally since the arrival of Mohammed bin Zayed to the reins of power in the service of his plans for expansion and influence.

They also warned of the criminal role of Mohammed bin Zayed in leading counter-revolutions against the Arab Spring and the Gulf crisis, as well as the repetition of espionage and piracy scandals.

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