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The UAE regime prevents a former diplomat from travelling as punishment for her views

Emirati human rights sources revealed that the Emirati regime prevented the former Emirati diplomat, Dhabia Khamis Al Muhairi, from travelling as punishment for her stances against the country’s policies.

Al Muhairi said that she was shocked by a decision by the authorities in Abu Dhabi to prevent her from travelling when she tried to travel. She was informed of the decision at Dubai Airport without giving reasons.

Al Muhairi expressed her fear for her life and freedom. She mentioned that she received threats of arrests, demanding that this message be sent to human rights institutions everywhere.

Al Muhairi held the UAE government fully responsible for any “suppression, arrest, assassination or elimination” that might happen to her.

For his part, Emirati human rights activist Abdullah Al-Taweel said on his Twitter account that the former ambassador and poet, Dhabia Khamis Al-Muhairi, was banned from travelling due to a security decision over her rejection of normalization with Israel.

A few days ago, an international human rights report condemned the suppression of freedoms in the UAE against the backdrop of the country’s ruling regime signing an agreement declaring normalization with Israel.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that the UAE witnessed repression, intimidation and arbitrary arrest measures carried out by security forces carried out based backgrounds of activists’ opposition to normalization treaty with Israel.

The Euro-Med Monitor stated that the UAE imposed sweeping restrictions by launching a campaign of pursuit and arbitrary arrests against those opposed to the normalization agreement.

The human rights organization has received complaints that the UAE authorities have taken intimidation measures against Palestinians living in the UAE. They were threatened by deportation if not supporting the normalization treaty.

The Euro-Med Monitor received testimonies that the UAE authorities launched an unannounced campaign of arrests against Arab citizens and residents, including Palestinians and Jordanians. They publicly expressed their objection to the normalization of their state with Israel.

The Euro-Med Monitor received a complaint about the dismissal of employees and the imposition of resignation on others on the same background.

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor condemned the resorting of security forces in the UAE to the use of force and physical and moral intimidation against peaceful assemblies, stressing that this violates fundamental rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other human rights charters.

The Euro-Med Monitor also condemned the policy of silencing and violating the right to freedom of journalistic work and freedom of opinion and expression, which increased in frequency, especially in the countries of Bahrain and the UAE against the background of the normalization agreement.

The International Human Rights Monitor called on the United Nations to activate its procedures to stop the systematic violations of human rights in the UAE and to ensure that citizens and expatriates enjoy their rights under the threat of cutting off their livelihood, deportation and arrest.

The Euro-Med called for the release of all detainees of concience. It also called for the abolition of all restrictions imposed on the exercise of the right to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression and journalistic work.

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