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Israel media: advanced contacts with the UAE to launch public diplomatic relations

Israeli media revealed advanced contacts the Israeli government is making with the ruling regime in the UAE to announce soon the launch of public diplomatic relations after years of cooperation and secret normalization between the two sides.

The Israeli army radio commentator Jackie Hockey said it would not be surprising if the Israeli government soon announced the opening of a diplomatic mission to Israel in Abu Dhabi.

Hockey said In a report published by the Hebrew newspaper “Maariv”, that the question that still needs an answer is when to announce the launch of diplomatic relations: Will this happen before or after the Israeli elections scheduled for next March?

And he considered that the public appearances of yarn between the leaders of the Emirates and Israel indicated that Abu Dhabi is ready to launch diplomatic relations with Israel.

He drew attention to the fact that Emirati Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed initiated public courtship with Israel last week by publishing a tweet on his Twitter account, including a link to an article published in one of the British periodicals talking about the evolving relations between Israel and the Gulf states. An Israeli takes shape in the Middle East.”

He noted that Tel Aviv interpreted what the Emirati minister had done that he drew attention to his country’s keenness to establish peace relations with it.

Hockey added, however, that the bin Zayed tweet did not surprise anyone in Tel Aviv, noting that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exploited it, and indicated that it indicates “the many contacts and efforts being made to develop relations with the Arab world, which are preferable efforts to be made, in Meanwhile, he kept it secret, ”he added.

He noted that the Israeli Foreign Minister, Yisrael Katz, hastened to thank Bin Zayed, and invited him to start strengthening economic relations with Tel Aviv.

He pointed out that the UAE and Israel are linked with economic and diplomatic relations, not to mention the Emirati leadership allowing a number of Israeli delegations, specifically the academy and sports, to visit Abu Dhabi and participate in events and forums organized there.

He recalled the fact that the UAE had agreed to Israel’s participation in the “Exfo 2020” exhibition, which will be held in “Abu Dhabi”, where it was decided that the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs will launch its own corner at the exhibition.

Hockey mentioned that both Israel and the UAE have special relations with the United States and the regime of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, noting that there is a “quartet alliance”, which includes Tel Aviv, Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Washington.

He also pointed out that the “quartet” alliance is based on common interests, which are represented in confronting Iran and the Sunni Islamic movements.

He pointed out that Israel, by strengthening its relations with the Emirates, will be able to obtain an “entry card for the rich and wide economic market in the Gulf”; while the UAE leaders see in the relationship with Israel a strategic gain, as they are linked with a large regional power, in reference to Israel.

He likened the keenness of those whom he called “representatives of the Al Nahyan family” around the world to send congratulations to Israel and the “Jewish people” on the day of the lights, “with the soldiers’ commitment to discipline and obedience to their leaders in the army, “pointing out that the UAE embassies in Washington, Paris, London and its representations in New York She offered her congratulations on the occasion of the festival by publishing the picture symbolizing the lights.

The ruling regime in the Emirates is gradually taking advanced steps to consolidate the reality of normalization with Israel at the expense of liquidating the Palestinian issue.

The Emirati regime recorded in recent years an unprecedented escalation in military, political and security cooperation with Israel.

The UAE has periodically hosted Israeli government and sports delegations, as well as an official invitation to Israel to participate in the International Expo scheduled for next year in Dubai.

But what is new in the course of normalization is the escalation of the UAE’s desire to open the country’s doors to the Israelis without any restrictions in an unprecedented step at the level of the Gulf states.

Israeli media revealed that the vast majority of Israelis intend to visit the Emirates as soon as they have the opportunity.

In this regard, the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth conducted a poll among its readers and asked them whether they would spend a vacation in Dubai if it opened its doors to visitors from Israel. 94.6% of the 15,000 Israelis surveyed said they would like to travel to Dubai.

Among the reactions, Ronit wrote that Dubai has an interesting culture, beautiful views, and stunning architecture. “I heard it is a great place, my dream is to visit it,” Sarah wrote.

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