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New failure to the UAE media

Emirates Lakes documented a new failure scandal to the UAE media revealed by the European Microscope on Middle East Issues regarding the recent Abu Dhabi closure of a website in the English language, which was established about a year ago in London after its catastrophic failure to achieve its goals and wasted millions of dollars.

The European Microscope – a European institution concerned with monitoring the interactions of Middle East issues in Europe – said on its website that Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the de facto ruler of the UAE, ordered the closure of dnews 7 after escalating scandalous embezzlement of his money from his administration under the leadership of the security and intelligence man Emirati Ali Al-Naimi.

The closure of the site comes in light of the UAE’s suffering from a worsening financial crisis compounded by the collapse in oil prices and the emerging Coronavirus pandemic crisis, as well as Abu Dhabi’s involvement in a series of wars and external interference, most notably in Yemen and Libya.

The aforementioned site was launched in April 2019 with the primary goal of attacking the State of Qatar and its symbols and distorting its hosting of the World Cup 2022 World Cup. Abu Dhabi hoped that the site would constitute a rival to the famous British Middle East Eye website known for its criticism of Abu Dhabi policies and its black human rights record.

However, the site was followed by a catastrophic failure in light of its failure to achieve any media reverberations and the failure of its administration to promote its materials in European media circles after it was stigmatized under the item of the yellow press funded by the UAE for its propaganda goals and attempts to distort the State of Qatar.

The site worked on publishing fabricated articles on the situation of foreign workers’ rights in Qatar and trying to question the possibility of organizing Doha for the World Cup qualifiers.

The aforementioned site was used as a platform to target Qatar permanently by spreading false and fabricated news, based on human rights groups showing that they are fake organizations that appear when Al-Naimi needs them to attack Qatar and the opponents of the UAE.

The site relied on attributing information sources to unknown sources in an attempt to document its media blessings, with the aim of distorting the image of Qatar and beautifying the face of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which contributed to its failure due to its lack of any credibility or professional media.

The closure of the site constituted a new failure for a long series of failures of Al-Nuaimi, who heads the editing of the Emirati (Al Ain Gate) website and is responsible for the Foreign Information Division of the Emirates Intelligence and the working group for propaganda directed against Qatar.

The UAE entrusted Al Nuaimi with the task of attacking Qatar via media platforms, forming fake human rights groups in Europe to attack human rights achievements in Qatar, and justifying the measures taken by the blockading countries towards Doha years ago.

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