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New military supplies from UAE to spread chaos in Libya

Three Emirati military cargo planes arrived at an air base in eastern Libya in the last hours as part of Abu Dhabi’s plots to spread chaos and sabotage in the country through militia war criminal Khalifa Haftar.

One of the three planes was carrying gunmen coming from an Emirati military base in the Horn of Africa, and two other planes arrived across Egyptian airspace, carrying a huge shipment of weapons and armored vehicles produced by Abu Dhabi, in anticipation of the Turkish threat to send military forces to Libya.

This came upon the sudden arrival of the retired Libyan Major General Khalifa Haftar to Cairo, yesterday afternoon, and his hasty meeting with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

During the past few hours, steady Egyptian and Emirati moves have started, at several levels, related to the Libyan crisis, which are expected to continue in the coming hours, in an attempt to cut the road ahead of Turkey and prevent it from providing military support to the internationally recognized national reconciliation government that controls the capital, Tripoli.

For its part, the Egyptian administration, according to high-ranking sources, intensified its contacts with the European parties in order to reach an air embargo resolution over Libya, in an attempt to block the way for Ankara on the military intervention.

The sources pointed out that Cairo wishes the situation to remain as it is, in light of real factual reports from the battlefield in Libya, according to which it is impossible to enter the capital by Haftar militias.

The sources said that “the aim at the present time is to maintain the current situation, in the hope of accelerating international steps on a political agreement ending the crisis, in a way that prevents any Turkish forces from reaching Libya.”

The sources added that an unannounced meeting was held at the Federal Palace in Cairo that included Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his Defense Minister Mohamed Zaki, Director of General Intelligence Major General Abbas Kamel, and Director of the Military Intelligence Service Major General Khaled Megawer, before Haftar’s arrival in Cairo, to see the latest developments in the Libyan battlefield And determining action plans during the coming hours, stressing that Turkey’s announcement to accelerate the issue of sending military forces to Libya for the next Thursday, pushed Cairo to intensify its contacts with Rome to move the proposed air embargo over Libya until sitting at the negotiating table to reach a solution to end the crisis.

It is no longer hidden from the massive support the ruling regime in the Emirates offers to the militias of Haftar, who have been fighting for control of the capital, Tripoli, since last April.

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