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On World Press Day, the UAE a state of repression

The UAE stands out as a country that suppresses and prohibits freedom of opinion and expression and prohibits the right to exchange information.

The UAE authorities control the media through the National Media Council, which is affiliated with the Council of Ministers under Federal Law No. 11 of 2016. Its decisions are only enforceable after approval.

The Emirati media cannot exercise freedom of opinion and expression as much as they practice disinformation.

The UAE media is subject to strict management and control by the State Security Agency, the “gatekeeper”, who is striving to keep his word prevailing and the only one in the media and social networks.

Since the official media is subject to the control of the state security apparatus, citizens resort to expressing their opinions on social networks.

However, the UAE regularly engages in online surveillance of journalists and activists, who often fall victim to the 2012 Cybercrime Law, which puts them at risk.

The law in the UAE provides for prison sentences and large financial fines for anyone who criticizes the state’s policy or demands reforms on the Internet, a criticism made by human rights activists, who indicated that the censorship imposed by the UAE authorities on the Internet and the press has doubled.

It has also intensified its efforts to silence dissidents and curtail their right to freedom of expression.

According to these laws, media organizations must adhere to the regulations and controls issued by the Council and are obligated to provide the information and data requested by the Council to achieve its objectives in violation of the right to maintain the confidentiality of press and media sources guaranteed by the relevant international standards.

The UAE Council of Ministers decreed Resolution No. 23 of 2017 regarding media content, thereby simplifying the UAE authorities’ absolute control and control over the printing or circulation of any media content.

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