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Two brothers still detained beyond their sentence

The authorities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continue to detain two brothers, who were convicted at the grossly unfair UAE 94 trial, despite them having completed their seven-year sentences.

Abdulla al-Hajri was supposed to be released on 16 July 2019, however, he remains behind bars more than a year later.

His brother, Fahad Al-Hajri’s sentence expired on 20 March 2020, although there has been no indication of his release.

Indefinite detention is common practice in the UAE: authorities consistently fail to release prisoners of conscience on their release date. Instead, they are transferred under the pretense that they pose a terrorist threat to a so-called “counseling center” within the al-Razeen prison facility in Abu Dhabi, where they are held indefinitely without any legal basis or the right to a legal remedy.

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