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A UAE backed militia leader accused of assassinating 30 preachers in Yemen

Yemeni Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani Ben Brik, backed by the United Arab Emirates, is behind the liquidation of 30 preachers.

“The investigations reveal the involvement of Ben Brik in the planning of the assassinations of political leaders and advocates in Yemen,” the Yemeni prosecution said.

Ben Brik met the first accused in the case of the liquidation of preachers at the camp of the Saudi-UAE alliance in Brega with the aim of planning the assassination operations.

The prosecution said that the gun, the killers of Sheikh Samhan Rawai received the gun from Ben Brik personally. The cell that killed Rawi got rid of his body throw in a far area, the prosecution added.

The cell was composed of three persons affiliated with the militia of the UAE-backed security belt.

The cell met the Emirati officer, nicknamed “Abu Salama” in an apartment in Aden after the killing of Sheikh Rawi.

The prosecution confirmed the attempt by Ben Brik to smuggle the accused to kill Sheikh Rawi from prison, and that he asked them to change their statements in the records of investigations in exchange for smuggling them out of the country.

The charges against Ben Brik, if issued and proved in court, will be the death sentence for him and his aides, which shows new evidence of the UAE’s support for murderers and criminals to spread crime and chaos in Yemen.

The charges come to Ben Brik after mounting popular claims to account for the killers of Yemeni scientists and politicians, that accused Ben Brik of being behind them with support from the UAE.

For months, the families of the detainees and the enforced hideouts in Yemen have been holding open sit-ins in the southern city of Aden to demand the release of their relatives in secret prisons run by UAE forces and their allies in the southern coastal city.

Aden witnessed demonstrations shouting slogans against the secret prisons and the continued disappearance and arrest of the people of the city.

The demonstrators raised banners for the first time, accusing the leader of the Shouthern Transitional Council, Hani Ben Brik, of the killing scientists and sheikhs of religion in Aden.

The sit-in came in response to a call by the families of the detainees and the disappeared in the prisons of Aden, run by the UAE forces and other local forces supported by them.

“This escalating step will continue after ignoring the human rights and human rights demands of the kidnappers for more than 19 months,” a statement from the protesters said.

In January, human rights groups said they had monitored 103 assassination cases in the Yemeni city of Aden between 2015 and 2018. Their first operations began 43 days after the liberating the city from the Houthi militia and the takeover of the city by security forces.

Buzzaid News has revealed last month shocking details of the recruitment of mercenaries of different nationalities to carry out assassinations of politicians, party and religious leaders, most notably a failed attempt on the office of the local leader of the Reform Party twice in 2015.

In the context of the nearby Yemeni sources revealed that the UAE forces transferred 260 recruits of the militias of the southern transition from the province of Socotra, Yemen, to the UAE for the purpose of training.

According to observers, these moves confirm that the UAE withdrawal is just a media promotion, while it arranges more within the southern provinces.

Over the past period, the UAE has sent hundreds of Socotra residents to the recruiting camps and sent them back to Socotra after receiving months of training in camps supported by the UAE in Aden.

The Yemeni government had expressed months ago its rejection of the presence of these forces, which arrived in the island without coordination with them, considering that the move is the focus of the conflict in Socotra.

After returning to the island, they attacked the port of Socotra, but security forces managed to counter it and thwart its attack.

Socotra has been witnessing mounting protests to reject UAE moves and push militias out of state control to the archipelago to spread chaos and carry out colonial projects.

The governor of Socotra has repeatedly warned that he will not allow the creation of a security belt or an unofficial elite in the island and is working on a suspicious agenda, in reference to the UAE’s efforts to form a security belt on the island.

In February and April, the governor of Socotra announced his rejection of any form of armed groups outside the state, in reference to the militias loyal to Abu Dhabi.

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