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UAE… A name associated with boycott and popular hatred

The UAE has turned into a name primarily associated with its boycott campaigns due to the great Arab and regional public hatred of it because of its crimes and violations internally and externally.

The international campaign to boycott the UAE praised wide interaction with the campaign to boycott the international exhibition “Expo 2020” scheduled in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The international campaign said in a statement that the new campaign is another indication of an unprecedented escalation of popular protests against the UAE’s crimes and violations and opposition to hosting any international activities and events.

She pointed out that thousands of tweeters interacted with the hashtag #Exp_2020 and demanded that it be organized from the Emirate of Dubai and not find an opportunity to support the economy of the UAE, which is investing this in wars and external interventions.

The Yemeni communities around the world have launched large-scale popular movements to support the #boycott_Expo_2020 campaign slated in Dubai, and Yemeni communities are planning to organize vigils and protests in the United States of America, European and Asian countries.

These moves will be organized outside the headquarters of companies and international commercial institutions to demand support for the #boycott_Expo_2020 campaign to condemn the UAE massacres and their crimes against humanity.

The boycott campaign – Palestine called on the countries and parties participating in the “International Expo 2020”, which is scheduled to be held in Dubai to boycott it and withdraw from it, because of the participation of “Israel” in it.

The campaign called on the UAE to refuse to receive the Israeli delegation on its soil and withdraw its participation from the exhibition, and the importance of affirming its commitment to the standards of the Arab boycott and the decisions of Arab foreign ministers.

With the continuation of the #boycott of Emirati products campaign for a whole week and its expansion to extend from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the rest of the Gulf countries. Tweeters launched a campaign to boycott the International Expo in Dubai next year.

Thousands of tweeters interacted on the #Boycott_Expo_2020 section, and appealed to the Arab and international human conscience to boycott the said exhibition and not contribute to the economy of a country that kills civilians.

The tweeters highlighted the strong effects of the boycott campaigns and products of the Emirates and international events in it, including the losses of the state exchange, the decrease in commercial transactions and the suspension of trading for a number of companies.

Tweeters stressed that it is shameful for the UAE to host international events and exhibitions at a time when crimes and violations are being committed against civilians in Yemen, Libya and other Arab countries.

The tweets also highlighted the violations of the UAE human rights system internally and the arrest and detention of hundreds of human rights activists and opponents for their demands for reform and freedoms.

Last October, the National Front for the Salvation of Yemen announced the submission of a file of opposition to participating international organizations, institutions, countries and bodies, Expo fairs requesting to boycott the event and withdraw its organization from Dubai.

The front will also go to the World Trade Organization in Geneva to demand the boycott of the Expo in Dubai and attach that to the reasons, reports and everything related to UAE crimes against civilians in Yemen.

And previously called for “the international campaign to boycott the Emirates” the need to withdraw the organization of the exhibition “Dubai Expo” from the UAE, against the backdrop of its very poor record in the field of human rights.

She added that she would go to the organizing committee in Paris to put it in the form of UAE practices “which contradict the Paris agreement and protocols regulating the work of the Expo during the past decades.”

It is noteworthy that the Expo International exhibitions are held every five years and last for a maximum period of 6 months, to attract millions of visitors. And throughout the history of organizing international expo exhibitions has not been hosted before in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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