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Yemeni government: UAE militias impede the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement

The Yemeni government said that the UAE militias demanding secession in what is known as the “Southern Transitional Council” impede the implementation of the recently signed understandings regarding the start of implementing the Riyadh agreement concluded under the auspices of Saudi Arabia last November.

A Yemeni government source said, according to the Yemeni news agency, Saba, in its copy of the legitimate government, that the UAE militias are seeking to thwart the Riyadh agreement by refusing to hand over weapons and ammunition in their possession to the committees responsible for the process of counting and receiving weapons.

The government also accused the separatist council, backed by Abu Dhabi, of “not committing to the return of the forces to the designated sites according to the matrix, in addition to the media escalation and the accusations that the leadership of the transitional government is provoking provocatively,” and considered that “it suggests searching for any escalation to thwart the agreement.”

The government source spoke about Abu Dhabi’s allies “smuggling a lot of medium and heavy weapons and weapons outside the temporary capital of Aden.

He said that the forces affiliated with the Council yesterday refused to hand over the weapons in their possession in a number of camps, and individuals affiliated with it prevented the committees from entering the camps and delivered the weapons, and that the forces that are scheduled to return to locations outside of Aden were not implemented according to the matrix.

He stressed that “these practices, media murmurs and excessive accusations of the legitimate government, which reached its scope in the statement of the so-called National Assembly for the Transitional Council, all reflect the hidden intentions to thwart the agreement and return the situation to square one.”

The representatives of the government and the transitional, signed more than a week ago, prepared to start implementing the provisions of the stalled Riyadh agreement, more than two months ago, but the implementation encountered new obstacles.

According to the agreement, government forces were to return to Aden in conjunction with the start of the counting of heavy weapons in Aden, as well as to name a new governor of Aden and director of city security, which was not done, in light of obstacles.

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