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Escalation of official Yemeni positions against the UAE war on the country


Saleh al-Jubwani, the Yemeni government’s transport minister, called on his government to take a firm stand or to end cooperation with the UAE, which is part of the military alliance in the Yemeni war since 2015.

Al- Jubwani said on his account on Twitter that his country’s relationship with Abu Dhabi has become “ambiguous”. He added, “the legitimate government must take a position to correct its relationship with Abu Dhabi or to dissolve the alliance with it.”

He stressed that his government should deal seriously with the “visits of the leaders of the so-called Transitional Council as they travel to these capitals from Abu Dhabi,” referring to the UAE-backed “Southern Transitional Council”, which is based in Aden, the interim capital.

The Yemeni minister’s statements coincided with repeated visits by the president of the so-called “Transitional Council”, Aidarus al-Zoubaidi and a number of members of the Council to several European countries, the most recent of which was this week to Russia with the support of the UAE.

Earlier this month, Mahweet Governor Mahweet Saleh Samie called on President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi to end the UAE role, noting that its role will, eventually, hand over all of Yemen to Iran, not just Sana’a.

Samie said in an interview with the Saudi Suhail TV channel that “President Hadi has to cancel the services of a party from the Saudi-UAE alliance if he decided to continue its tyranny.”

Emirates allies in Aden consider who comes from the north “foreigners”

Meanwhile, a document, circulated by social media users sites in Yemen on Wednesday, revealed the directives of the security department in the southern city of Aden that considers citizens from “northern” provinces foreigners and granting them transit visas.

The document includes a directive from the Director of the Department of Command and Control of the Aden Police, Colonel Mustafa Ali, to security checkpoints by allowing one of Sana’a University’s academics, Dr. Jamil Aoun, to pass through.

The directive came entitled “Passports for foreigners,” which reflects the UAE-backed separatists, which consider citizens from the northern provinces as “foreigners” noting that many of them have already been harassed in Aden.

The head of the security department in Aden is Maj. Gen. Shalal Ali Chaia, a strong ally of the UAE and loyal to the so-called “Southern Transition Council”. The document provoked outrageous comments on social media sites.

The UAE is a key partner in the Saudi-led military alliance in the war on Yemen, which has been involved for four years in killing thousands of Yemenis and pushing the country to the world’s worst humanitarian situation, according to the United Nations.