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Happiness and false luxury slogans in the UAE contradicts with oppression reality


The official media of the UAE regime is dedicated to promoting false slogans of happiness and prosperity that it works to make it available to citizens and expatriates.

However, these brilliant slogans contradict with the reality of oppression record rates in the state as well as the worsening economic crisis that has become the present and future of the UAE.

UAE newspapers this morning focused their efforts to promote the keenness of the “wise leadership in the UAE to make its citizens happy, improve their welfare and improve the services they provide.”

Al-Ittihad newspaper said, “The happiness of the citizen is a prime objective of which the UAE leadership meets under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, who is always dedicated to provide a decent living and stable life for the citizens of the country.”

“The UAE has achieved its resurgence in all fields, thanks to its wise leadership that works around the clock to build its citizens future.” The newspaper added

Al-Watan newspaper said that our “wise leadership” believes that the happiness and advancement of the people and securing the decent life elements is a real investment in the basis of the cultural renaissance enjoyed by the country and all who live on its blessed land. The citizen, who is blessed with a decent life and the elements of happiness, is the basis for harnessing all his energies to serve the nation.”

Under the title of “Leadership Control and Transparency”, Al-Bayan newspaper affirmed that the UAE government seeks to achieve the highest levels of services to the public in general, under the direct supervision and guidance of the wise leadership.

The newspaper said that achieving the best levels of treatment is not just a slogan, but a means to beautify the form of performance. It is a daily work approach, which is subject to direct supervision from the highest authorities in the country. There is no room for ignoring or covering up any negatives or negligence or even on the level of services is less than what aspired to by the wise leadership, which seeks to delight the citizens and achieve the welfare community, and therefore the control is strict and with the highest level of transparency.

In the UAE popular literature, there are many stories about the “Aum Hellen” a woman with demonic behavior, which is aimed at tearing houses, committing abuses and spreading enmity among people, and blaming others. This mythical figure resembles the institution of the state security apparatus, which carries out the same evil deeds.

The violations committed by the UAE security and system are large and wide aimed at the structure of the UAE society. Preventing the families of the detainees from visiting, and demonizing them in the community is an insult to the UAE, its elders and great leaders.

Human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor entered the fifth decade of his life after two years in prison in the security services because he demanded equal citizenship rights and defended the oppressed. He entered his third week of hunger strike, where he lives in a cell without a bed and access to the bathroom.

The security apparatus denies Emiratis from their freedom even after the end of political sentences against them, like what happened with Osama Najjar, Abdul Wahid Al-Badi and Said Buraimi, the successor of Rabia and Othman Al-Shehhi, whose sentence ended years ago but they still in prison in violation of the law UAE.

The detainees’ lives in the prisons of the state security service are in danger. Some detainees health status is unknown because they have been denied visits and contact with their families for months. They suffer deliberate violations because they express their opinion and demand reform.

If “Aum Hellan” is a legend associated with the tales of grandmothers, the state security apparatus implements the medieval methods in the face of freedom of opinion and expression and the right of Emiratis to equal citizenship. In contrast to grandmothers tales, what is done is facts that need to be stopped and confronted, it targets every Emirati and resident in the country.