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In a new escalation of normalization, the UAE hosts Israeli sports delegation


 In a new escalation of normalization, the United Arab Emirates received a sports delegation representing the Israeli occupation to participate in the 2019 Olympics for people with disabilities

According to the Israeli media, the delegation includes 25 athletes, who compete in many games such as basketball, judo, bowling, and swimming.

“A sports delegation left Israel today and going to the 2019 Abu Dhabi Olympics for people with disabilities,” said Simon Arann, an Israeli political analyst in his Twitter account. “The matches will be held in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The opening ceremony will be held on Thursday with the participation of 7000 athletes (192 delegations) from all over the world.”

This is the second time in nearly a year where the UAE hosts an Israeli sports delegation as part of a series of normalization steps that are taking place at an accelerated and public pace. Last October, a number of athletes participated in an international tournament in the UAE, raising the Israeli flag, in the presence of Culture Minister Miri Regev.

Recently, social media sites and internet forums have witnessed an unprecedented celebration of the acceleration of public normalization between Israel and the UAE, at a time when Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed is preparing to build the largest Jewish synagogue in the country.

Israel announced the launch of what it called a “virtual embassy” in the Gulf region in what is considered a “great convergence” that has begun to grow recently with Arab countries.

“We are pleased to announce the re-launch of ‘Israel in the [Persian] Gulf’ page which aims to promote dialogue between Israel and the [Persian] Gulf nations.” The Israeli ministry for foreign affairs said in a post published on Twitter

“We hope this virtual embassy will contribute to deepening understanding between the peoples of the [Persian] Gulf and the people of Israel in various fields.”

The “Israel in the Gulf” page on Twitter was originally launched in July 2013 but has stopped since December 10, 2014, for an unknown reason.

With the letter, announcing the re-launch of the page, a photograph is attached of prominent places in Israel and the UAE, with the names of the two countries written in bold.

It was also the first tweet on the account on Twitter after the reopening, at the time Abu Dhabi witnessed an unprecedented convergence with the Israeli occupation in the recent period.

The United Arab Emirates continues its attempts to appear as a sponsor of tolerance and co-existence, which has been absent from its policies with several Arab countries, while observers accuse the country of supporting the spread of religions, other than Islam, in the Arabian Peninsula.

In a new step to the so-called rapprochement between Abrahamic religions, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, inaugurated the Abrahamic Family House without a symbolic or official Jewish presence, which some interpreted as a prelude to the opening of the largest Jewish synagogue.

The opening is part of the joint visit of Sheikh Al-Azhar Ahmed Al-Tayeb and Pope Francis of the UAE, according to a tweet published at the expense of Bin Zayed on Twitter.

The new religious feature, the Ibrahimi Family House, symbolizes the so-called “peaceful co-existence and the reality of human fraternity that different races and nationalities of different faiths and religions have in the UAE society.”

The UAE held the tolerance conference, hosting the largest mass in the history of the Arabian Peninsula since the dawn of prophecy, attended by 135,000 people on February 4.

Observers say that the new feature explicitly refers to the Jewish religion as well as to Islam and Christianity, although his representatives, Israelis, were absent since the Prophet Ibrahim peace is upon him is the father of both Ismail and Isaac – peace be upon them – from which the three religions descend.

Observers wondered: Will this “historical feature” serve as a way for the Jews to return to the Arabian Peninsula through Mohammed bin Zayed to open a Jewish synagogue under the pretext of fraternity and tolerance.