UAE seeks help from Israeli intelligence unit graduates

Israeli media have revealed that the ruling regime in the UAE is seeking the help of graduates of an Israeli intelligence unit in exchange for work contracts with huge amounts of money.

The Channel 13 on Tuesday morning that Abu Dhabi offered contracts to graduates of the Israeli intelligence unit 8200 in exchange for contracts with huge amounts of money and privileges.

The Israeli Maariv revealed a secret intelligence relationship between Abu Dhabi and Israel adding that the reason for this relationship is due to Iranian expansion in the region and fear of the Muslim Brotherhood

The newspaper said on its website that Israeli-UAE relations included arms deals and intelligence services, used by Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed against his opponents, in addition to coordination between them in support of the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar in Libya.

The newspaper pointed out that the secret relations between Abu Dhabi and Israel were established 15 years ago, noting that the security and intelligence institutions in Tel Aviv were keen to surround these relations with great secrecy.

Maariv said that Abu Dhabi’s crown prince has been buying billions of dollars in arms deals from Israel for two decades.

Intelligence commentator Yossi Melman said hostility to Iran and fear of the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood and the need to confront it were the most important common interests that bind both sides.

In his report, Melman explained that Abu Dhabi is developing its relationship with Israel as an emirate independently and not as a representative of the UAE.

Melman said the relationship is based on arms deals and Tel Aviv is selling intelligence equipment to the emirate, stressing that hostility to the Muslim Brotherhood has pushed Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed to build an alliance with all Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Both the Military Industries Group and Elbit Armed Systems have a close relationship with Abu Dhabi, noting that US President Donald Trump, who has ties with Bin Zayed, allows Israel to sell military technology based on US technology to Abu Dhabi.

Melman said that the Israeli cyber company sold Abu Dhabi program “Fegsus” which allows the emirate’s intelligence to penetrate the personal phones of those you consider opponents of the system and get information from them.

According to the Maariv report, Abu Dhabi is buying products from the Israeli company Vernet specializing in the production of intelligence equipment, especially eavesdropping techniques.

The report revealed that it was Israeli businessman Mattay Kochavi who contributed to the inauguration of relations between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv, and he boasts in turn in the development of these relations.

The newspaper quoted Kochavi as saying that his company “Logic” has provided Abu Dhabi security equipment to secure the borders and oil fields and also provided security advice.

Kochavi also revealed that his company used the services of generals in the Israeli army and intelligence to manage its activities inside Abu Dhabi, pointing out that both the former head of the Military Intelligence Division Amos Malka and former Air Force Commander Eitan Ben Eliyahu, worked on behalf of his company inside Abu Dhabi.

Kochavi added that a private plane was carrying retired Israeli generals from Cyprus to Abu Dhabi, pointing to dozens of Israeli generals and intelligence officers who visited Abu Dhabi as part of his company’s activities there.

Kochavi pointed out that the Israeli generals stayed in a neighborhood composed of villas within the emirate where they were spending each period of one to two weeks.

The Israelis, who currently manage arms deals and military consultancy with Abu Dhabi, are David Meydan, who previously led the Mossad agents’ recruiting division, Tsumet, and Avi Laumi, founder of Uranitecus Pilot.