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Yemeni official: The UAE is conspiring against us and spreading chaos and sabotage in our country


A Yemeni official said that the United Arab Emirates is conspiring against the Yemeni people and spreading chaos and sabotage in the country to serve its ambitions and to loot the Yemenis wealth.

The UAE is a key partner in the military alliance in the Saudi-led war on Yemen, which has been involved for the past four years in the killing of thousands of Yemenis.

Ali Hussein al-Bajairi, a member of the Yemeni Shura Council and a member of the National Dialogue Conference, said that what is happening in southern Yemen now is overwhelming chaos that cannot be tolerated with. Yemen now is clearly an occupied where armed militias were established outside the framework of the state and the Yemeni legitimacy, while the Yemeni southern resistance, which confronted the Houthis and removed them from the south with their own potential, were marginalized because of the UAE efforts to dominate the south to implement its own agenda.

Al-Bajairi added that four months after the launch of Operation Decisive Storm, the UAE had entered Yemen to conspire not to cooperate. Whenever The Yemeni National Army makes progress on the ground against the Huthi forces and the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh, it is bombed by the UAE. Every time that happens they say that it was by mistake. It turned out that they deliberately do so to extend the conflict and the war.

Al-Bajairi explained that he told the Saudis that Abu Dhabi conspired against Yemenis and Saudis as well; because they entered the field in accordance with Saleh to secure his and his family’s return to power in exchange for the UAE’s acquisition of Aden and Socotra. The UAE aimed from the beginning to control the Yamani islands, which are some of the most important parts of the world. The UAE also held deals with some of the leaders of the south.

The Emirati-run southern prisons hide hundreds of young Yemenis who were taken from their homes under the pretext of links to terrorism, al-Bajairi said. The truth is that it is the UAE today is the one who treats Yemenis with terrorism. The UAE makes groups like as al-Qaeda and Daash in Yemen, such as Saleh who used to recruit members of al-Qaeda to serve his interests. Al-Bajairi accused the UAE of the responsibility of killing 32 Yemeni clerics and the displacement of hundreds of scientists, saying that he has evidence to prove so.

Al-Bajairi described Aidarus al-Zoubaidi and Hani Ben Brik role in the south is harmful to Yemen and its dignity because they weakened the state, especially that President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi gave them senior positions and asked them to contribute to the nation, but they chose, since the first day, to implement foreign agendas when they served the UAE . He pointed out that he hated unity days under Saleh rule, but today he hates division for what Aidarus does in the south.

The entry of Saudi forces in the province of Al-Mahra will be severe for those forces and Yemenis because the tribes and sheiks strongly reject the Saudi presence, and consider it an occupation of the land, al-Bajairi added. He criticized Saudi Arabia for dragging Yemenis out of their territories in difficult times as they fought for themselves in defense of Saudi national security.

Al-Bajairi stressed that he met with the Huthis when they came to Aden before they invaded some southern areas. He advised them that any expansion outside of Saada, which is their social base, will be dangerous to them. He also demanded that they present in the northern areas a model for the rest of the countries to convince them that they will establish the stat of justice, rights, and development.

Al-Bijairi wished that a new agreement to be implemented between the legitimate government and the Houthis, who said that they always violated the agreements signed with them, while the real solution to the Yemeni crisis is the dialogue and considering the supreme interests of Yemen.