Covid-19… new field of normalization between UAE and Israel

The newly emerging global virus, Covid-19, has turned into a new normalization hub between the ruling regime in the UAE and Israel in light of providing medical aid from Abu Dhabi to the Jewish state.

This development was another shocking news of normalization in which the UAE, which did not initiate the provision of any medical devices to any of the Arab countries, including the Palestinian Authority, complained of a major shortage of medical equipment needed to deal with the Coronavirus.

Israeli media revealed that in recent days the UAE has supplied about half a million Coronavirus detection and diagnostic devices.

The Hebrew Channel 12 reported that the Israeli intelligence agency (Mossad) imported in a joint operation with the Israeli Ministry of Security about half a million detection and diagnostic devices.

Sources from within the Joint Arab List, which is the third force in the Israeli Knesset, confirmed that the UAE has provided medical aid to Israel in two waves in the past two weeks.

The channel explained that the Israeli security establishment is making great efforts to bring thousands of diagnostic devices to (Israel), and added, “they are bringing these devices in dealing against the underworld and criminal gangs.” She also explained that the goal is to reach seven – ten thousand respirators, and when it comes to medical equipment that the global demand is increasing all over the world, this task is transferred directly to the Mossad and the Ministry of Security.

The countries that manufacture the equipment issued strict laws prohibiting their export during this period, due to concerns about shortages around the world.

Israeli officials said, a week ago, that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had acquired equipment to detect the Corona virus, and reports indicated that the Mossad operation involved 100 thousand devices purchased from Gulf countries and it was found that they were not what the Israeli Ministry of Health was requesting.

Earlier today, 200,000 new Virus Corona Diagnostic Devices were brought to (Israel) “from a country with which Israel does not have diplomatic relations.” In media statements, prominent Israeli journalist Yossi Melman, who specializes in strategic affairs, said that the talk is about the UAE.

And last week, international media focused on Israeli reports that the medical tools provided by the UAE to Israel were not appropriate. It quoted the statements of the Deputy Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Health, Professor Itamar Grotto, who said that Mossad came up with what Israel does not need in its response to the Corona crisis.

“Unfortunately, the equipment that Mossad brought, is not the equipment we want,” the professor said in a radio interview.

The newspaper “Newsweek” said that the Mossad brought in 100,000 units that were not valid for examining the Coronavirus infection.

Later, in an attempt to correct the impression created after Grotto’s statements, the Israeli Ministry of Health said yesterday that the discussion was about valid and important medical tools and thanked the Mossad.

For his part, Grotto published on his Facebook account that the tools imported by Mossad are of high quality and are good and vital for the development of laboratory work in the coming weeks.

The ruling regime in the Emirates has been linked for more than two decades to advanced levels of normalization with Israel, including military and political cooperation and exchange of visits between senior officials.