Emirates Leaks

UAE overtly supports Houthi group to win field battles


The UAE has abandoned its secret role in supporting the Houthi group and has recently provided overt military support that enabled the allied group from Iran to consolidate its field gains.

The setback suffered by the Yemeni army and the popular resistance in the battle of Al-Bayda opened the door to disclosure among the parties opposed to the Houthi coup, amid a consensus to point the finger at the UAE.

The Houthi group regained all the areas it had lost last week, benefiting from significant support provided by UAE-backed separatist militias.

Last week, forces loyal to the Yemeni government launched a military operation in Al-Bayda Governorate under the name “The Piercing Star” to relieve pressure on the Marib Governorate.

The government forces could regain large areas in record time. Still, the Houthi group launched a counterattack and recovered those areas as it penetrated new regions for the first time.

Activists and leaders in the Salafi brigades who participated in the battle accused the UAE-backed separatist militias of betraying the Al-Bayda resistance and conspiring with the Houthi group after preventing supplies’ arrival fighters the only Yafa port between the governorates of Lahj and Al-Bayda.

Political activist and journalist Kamel Al-Khodhani confirmed that the Security Belt forces of the Transitional Council had already prevented the arrival of two military battalions and ammunition supplies, which were coming to support the popular resistance in the Al-Zaher front in Al-Bayda during the Houthi attack.

Al-Khouthani said in this regard, “There is no need for hypocrisy at the expense of the homeland, for the security belt actually prevented the arrival of supplies and prevented the arrival of two battalions that were coming to support (…) what happened is a betrayal for which the leaders of the security belt and the Emirati leadership responsible for them bear responsibility.”