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New Media Academy: A suspicious platform to promote normalization with Israel


The Egyptian Popular Campaign to Boycott Israel (BDS Egypt) confirmed that the Emirati New Media Company is a suspicious platform that promotes normalization with Israel.

This came in a message sent by the campaign to the famous Egyptian YouTuber Ahmed Al-Ghandour, presenter of the Al-Daheeh program, against the background of his cooperation with the Emirati platform.

The popular campaign urged Al-Ghandour to withdraw from the contract with the Emirati New Media company after its involvement in the normalization was established.

The campaign message stated, “New Media UAE is working to attract and implicate content creators and influencers like you under its suspicious umbrella, which is hidden from many.”

Addressing Al-Ghandour, the campaign said, “As Egyptians, we are proud of you and the useful content you provide us. We fear that Al-Duhaih is a tool in the hands of the Emirati regime, which is allied with Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid, and its attempts to polish its image.”

It added that New Media was founded by the Vice President of the Emirates, Mohammed bin Rashid, in the wake of the normalization agreement with Israel, which resulted in not only the betrayal of the Palestinian cause, but also the building of military, economic and financial alliance between the two regimes, which would be at the expense of the security of the peoples of the region. its rights and capabilities.”

Within less than 24 hours of the recent uproar in social media, the New Media Academy removed programs directly related to the Nas Daily Academy, such as The Youth YouTuber Program and the Open Content Creation Program.

But the popular campaign stated that it was able to reach their original pages that show the nature of the partnership between the academy and Nas Daily and mention a new session that will be announced at the beginning of 2021.

It highlighted that this deception alone proves the intentions of the New Media Academy and the lie of its story, which says that it ended its relationship with Nasir Yassin, the creator of the “Nass Daily” normal content, last year. New Media” from its website.

It pointed out that because of the widespread popular campaign launched to boycott Nas Daily, the New Media Academy chose to abandon him publicly, even for a while, in exchange for keeping a very popular content maker like Al-Ghandour who managed to attract more than two million views in less than a day.