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Oman condemns the UAE for the espionage case


The Sultanate of Oman condemned the spy cell belonging to the United Arab Emirates regime after a number of hearings.

This development is the latest slap in the face of the UAE ruling regime in a long series of espionage and piracy scandals to neighboring Arab countries.

The Omani Criminal Court issued its verdict in the case of the UAE spy cell, which was seized for some time and referred to the judiciary.

“On the charge of communicating in peacetime, the Criminal Court in Muscat issued today its judgment in the security case to convict 5 people from the UAE and an Omani,” said Omani journalist Mokhtar Al Hinai on his official Twitter account.

On March 11, Oman launched a trial of a number of UAE officers charged with espionage, as well as two Omani nationals who were helping the cell, according to Al-Hinai.

The Omani authority officially confirmed its trial of a spy cell belonging to the UAE regime.

The Omani Minister of Foreign Affairs Yousuf bin Alawi said in the first official reaction: “These things happen between neighbors.”

Bin Alawi was asked in a lecture on foreign relations at the Cultural Club in Muscat about the UAE espionage cell. He said that these incidents happen between neighbors, and the Sultanate deals gently with its neighbors.

Instead of apologizing, the UAE regime incited the Sultanate of Oman and accused it of transferring weapons to Houthis in Yemen.

The UAE inciting as a response to the trial came as the incident caused tensions between the two countries and constituted a tremendous embarrassment to Abu Dhabi and revealed its criminal and suspicious plans.

Abu Dhabi’s insistence on spying on its neighbor reveals the extent of the crisis in their relationship and the many factors behind it.

This is not the first time a UAE spy cell has been detected in Oman. In 2011, the Sultanate announced the dismantling of an Emirati spy network targeting the regime in Oman, the government and the military.

The emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, contained the crisis that almost broke the GCC. He brought the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi to the Sultanate and offered him a direct apology to Sultan Qaboos bin Said.

Unlike the espionage cell of 2011, Abu Dhabi did not confirm or deny this cell and remained completely silent. Observers considered it an indication of Abu Dhabi’s involvement in this issue and that there is no room for repeating the 2011 apology and the mediation of the Emir of Kuwait which the UAE still reuses his mediation in the Gulf crisis between the UAE and Qatar.