Thomas Barrack

UAE attempts to save its former Washington advisor

Reliable sources revealed that the ruling regime in the Emirates took steps to save his former cooperative, Thomas Barrack, after his arrest in Washington on charges of illegal work for Abu Dhabi.

The sources told Emirates Leaks that higher instructions were issued in the Emirates to the competent authorities to intensify moves to support Barak and save what can be saved after the scandal of his association with the Emirates erupted.

The instructions were directed to Yousef Al-Otaiba, the UAE ambassador in Washington, and from him to the pressure groups associated with the Emirates in the United States and the public relations companies contracting with Abu Dhabi.

The sources stated that senior officials in the Emirates fear severe damage to the state from the Barak case and are trying to support him, by all means, to prevent him from revealing more secrets about his secret association with Abu Dhabi over the years.

The sources confirmed that the UAE authorities offered to cover all costs to hire the best attornies to defend Barrack and recruit other figures to influence his case.

The sources concluded that the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations formed an emergency committee to deal with the Barrack crisis and its repercussions on relations with the current US administration and the relevant US authorities.

A few days ago, the American security authorities arrested Thomas Barrack, a friend of former President Donald Trump and the campaign manager for his inauguration for the presidency. He was accused of illegally pressuring the Trump administration in the interest of the UAE.

A seven-point indictment filed by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn, New York, alleges that Barrack, a former employee and an Emirati businessman, failed to register as lobbyists and used their influence to advance the UAE’s foreign policy goals in the United States.

Barrack is also accused of lying to the FBI during an interview about his dealings with the UAE. He faces charges of not declaring his work in a lobby for a foreign government without sounding this activity as required by law.

Barrack, 74, is a longtime Trump ally and founder of the infrastructure-focused digital private investment firm Digital Bridge Group, known as Colony Capital Corporation before a rebranding was announced in June.

The US Department of Justice referred to a speech on US energy policy delivered by the then-Republican candidate in May 2016 during his election campaign, stressing that Barak included these speech paragraphs supporting the UAE.

According to the Ministry of Justice, he is also accused of campaigning in March 2017 to appoint a candidate nominated by the UAE as US ambassador to Abu Dhabi.

According to the same source, the former adviser is also accused of providing one of the other defendants with confidential information about the Trump administration’s reactions following talks at the White House between the US and Emirati officials.