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UAE: Federal National Council membership for only 144 votes


The UAE National Elections Commission (NEC) has approved the names of the winners of the Federal National Council (FNC) following the farcical election held a few days ago, which is described as the strangest in the world.

Twenty members of the FNC were elected and the system appoints 20 others. The FNC is a paralyzed body with no real powers to administer or monitor the country.

The deputy who received the highest votes received 1569 votes only, while the deputy elected with only 114 votes.

Seven women deputies were elected to the new NFC with only 2,860 votes, compared to 13 members who received 20,285 votes.

The FNC elections took place amid widespread public reluctance to participate, which increased the dirt of the elections and confirmed the falseness of what the regime is promoting.

Voter turnout was low, with only 34% of voters out of less than 30% of the country’s population allowed by the regime to stand for election.

In Ajman, the number of voters did not exceed 4,400 votes, while the number of voters in the Emirate of Umm Al Quwain was limited to 3,700 votes, compared to 16 thousand in Fujairah and 22 thousand in the emirates of Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah. In Abu Dhabi.

These figures on the very low turnout reflected a blow to the UAE regime, which has tried to promote the elections as a “democratic achievement” to the popular response.

The elections took place after the liquidation of the candidates and the imposition of the vision of the whole system, and it is considered the strangest in the world because the voting process is without ballot boxes or electoral papers and under the full supervision of government officials and observers of the system.

The elections were also accompanied by pressure on candidates to withdraw and ban political issues, while international organizations confirmed that the elections in the UAE violated the principles of democracy and free competition.

Under the criterion of “electoral process and pluralism”, the state received a score of 10, political participation at 2.2 and freedoms at 2.65 out of 10.

The UAE deprives its citizens of participation in political, administrative and service decision-making, prohibits any public criticism and punish dissidents with imprisonment and enforced disappearance.

It also arrests dozens of members of the Da’wa al-Islah association for demanding democracy, as well as dozens of rights activists and bloggers.