UAE suspicious interventions in upcoming presidential elections in Tunisia

Former Tunisian President Moncef Marzouki warned of the dangers of suspicious interventions by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the November 10 presidential election.

Al-Marzouqi warned in his remarks of the great dangers facing the upcoming elections because of the continued foreign intervention by what he calls the axis of Arab evil, pointing out that this axis consists of the UAE and Saudi and Egyptian system will seek various ways to intervene with money and media to cut the way in front of him in the event of his candidacy.

“The Axis of Evil is the UAE, Saudi, and Egyptian regimes who have been established in favor of Israel and the dominant Western economic and military pressure groups. These regimes’ main task is to break the spirit of Arab revolutions and prevent Arab peoples from determining their fate and possessing their wealth because they know with certainty that if this change occurs, the equation will change throughout the region.”

“This axis is ready to intervene by media, corrupt money and weapons to abort revolutions. I am sure they will try to intervene in Tunisia, especially if I announce my candidacy, and they will do their utmost to prevent this candidacy because they can’t accept someone like me.”

Al-Marzouqi stressed that the only solution to prevent this blatant external interference is that Tunisian people in all sectors of customs, security, control bodies and others to must defend the emerging Tunisian democracy and expose all manifestations of external interference.

“When I was president of the republic, I was reporting reports of money coming from abroad to some parties. I asked the Interior Ministry at the time to conduct a study on the subject, but unfortunately the deep state was working against me,” he said.

“Imagine, for example, if I personally took two Mercedes-Benz cars from Qatar, I think the world upraise against me. But when President Baiji Kayed Al-Sibsi took the two cars from the UAE and the scandal was discovered, he was supposed to be prosecuted, but the media turned a blind eye on him.”

Al-Marzouki warned of the dangers of repeated UAE intervention in the 2014 elections. “Foreign interference and corrupt money were being done on a daily basis, but we were in a position of weakness. We could not do anything because of the regional conditions that affected democracy in Egypt, nonetheless the media campaigns that targeted us.”

“I think the next election battle will be about real democracy, finding alternatives to the current corrupt authority, and on the issue of independence of the national sovereign decision, because we know what role foreign intervention played in the last elections,” he said.

Al-Marzouqi concluded, “the Independent Electoral Commission must play its role with the rest of the monitoring bodies to prevent the flow of corrupt political money and reduce the impact of corrupt media because it is part of the electoral process.”