UN report: UAE Funded Darfur fighters fighting with Haftar

The United Nations issued a new report in which it condemned the aggressive role of the UAE for funding mercenaries from Darfur to fight in Libya.

The UN report revealed that fighters from the Darfur region are fighting among the Haftar militia, pointing to the role these groups play and the returns they receive for their fight.

A report prepared by the United Nations Group of Experts on Sudan stated that “various Darfurian armed groups are present in Libya as mercenaries,” adding that “these groups seek to strengthen themselves by earning money, weapons and equipment.”

The report pointed out that “the Libyan side Haftar provides each group, of ten fighters, with a vehicle and weapons, and the amounts paid for attacking and seizing new facilities and property are higher than those paid for guarding facilities.”

He explained that “after carrying out a successful attack, the fighters are allowed to retain the vehicles and properties they seize.” The UN report stated that “brokers pay up to three thousand dollars to armed groups for every new combatant who joins the Libyan National Army Haftar militias.”

And he added, “The SLA / Minawi Minna movement fighters each receive a monthly salary of 5,100 Libyan dinars (about 3,650 dollars), while officers receive 5,200 Libyan dinars (about 3,700 dollars).”

The UN report stated that “The Commander in Chief (of the SLA fighters) Juma Hajjar, and his deputy Jaber Ishaq, receive funds from the Libyan National Army (Haftar militias) primarily, and then hand them over to Colonel Abdo Dukailis, the movement’s chief financial officer, and hand over Dukais the salaries of each fighter cash Money”.

He also stated that “the Darfurian armed groups, besides being mercenary fighters for the various Libyan factions, are also involved in providing protection and safe passage for migrant merchants, kidnapping of migrants for ransom, and smuggling weapons, drugs and cars, and these activities are often carried out in cooperation with local criminal gangs.”

He continued, “Sudanese car dealers pay money to armed groups in Libya to accompany civilian caravans from the areas under the control of the Libyan National Army Haftar militias to the borders with Chad and Sudan, and armed groups charge three thousand Libyan dinars (2150 dollars) for each car.”

The ruling regime in the Emirates is stepping up its aggressive military intervention in Libya at a time when it is turning the country into a “mercenary dump” in the service of its conspiracies to spread chaos, sabotage and looting the Libyan capabilities and wealth.