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Increasing demands in Yemen to investigate the UAE’s violations of the country’s sovereignty


Demands escalated in Yemen to investigate the UAE’s violations of the country’s sovereignty, including its suspicious activities in the islands of Mayon and Socotra.

The head of the Yemeni Shura Council, Ahmed bin Dagher, stated that the increasing reports of the violation of the country’s sovereignty in the islands of Mayon and Socotra created “national concern that is increasing day after day,” calling for an investigation into the matter.

Bin Dagher sent a letter to Yemeni Prime Minister Moein Abdul Malik, regarding the need for an official investigation into the UAE’s violations.

This came against the background of the publication of a video report by the Aso Shied Press agency showing the construction of a military base on Mayon Island, in the heart of the Bab al-Mandab Strait of the Emirates, without the knowledge of the Yemeni state.

The Speaker of the Shura Council called on the prime minister to investigate the islands of Mion and Socotra, located in the Indian Ocean, off the Gulf of Aden, based on a letter from the council members.

Ibn Dagher also suggested forming a parliamentary, consultative and governmental delegation to visit the two islands, in light of the increasing concern and growing over time.

Prior to that, the Speaker of the Yemeni Parliament, Sultan al-Barakani, the head of the Yemeni government, asked for a written clarification about the information indicating that the Abu Dhabi government had begun to establish a military base on Mayon Island.

For his part, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak stated that the Yemeni government had not signed any agreement to establish a military base on its territory with any country.

In response to establishing an Emirati base on Mayon Island, bin Mubarak said: “There is absolutely no agreement signed with anyone regarding the establishment of a military base on Yemeni territory.”

He added, “Agreements of this kind must be approved by the House of Representatives, as these are sovereign issues, and we have a major constant, the entire Yemeni soil, water and sky, which no party can give up.”

For years, the UAE has worked to consecrate the reality of wasted sovereignty in Yemen to serve its ambitions as part of its criminal war on the country to gain influence and expand.

In exchange for the relentless international moves to end the six-year-old war in Yemen, the UAE is intensifying its suspicious moves to consecrate its occupation of strategic areas in the country.

At the head of the UAE’s ambitions are the ports and islands that have been the target of its conspiracies for decades to gain influence and expand at the expense of squandering Yemen’s sovereignty.

The controversy over the past days over the UAE’s construction of a military base on Mayon Island has reopened the door to discussion about the sovereignty squandered by the UAE.

The UAE has turned Yemen into a permissible land, as Mayyun Island is not the only example in a country suffering under the weight of a war in which regional conflicts overlap.

Many islands and air, land and seaports are subject to the influence of Emirati-funded factions and armed groups, far from an internationally recognized government. Still, they have not found a foothold within their territories.