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Exclusive: Emirati-Algerian clash over Israel


Reliable sources revealed an Emirati-Algerian clash over Israel over granting Tel Aviv an observer status in the African Union.

The sources told Emirates Leaks that the UAE led a diplomatic campaign in coordination with Israel to obtain observer status in the African Union.

The sources pointed out that Abu Dhabi mobilized its relations with a number of African countries, including Ethiopia, Djibouti, Nigeria and other countries, to support Israel in the African Union.

According to the sources, with Algeria launching a counter-campaign to withdraw observer status in the African Union from Israel, the UAE hastened to launch a counter-campaign to thwart the Algerian efforts.

The sources revealed that the Emirati regime sent secret messages to most African countries, especially those with which it maintains economic cooperation relations, for not responding to the Algerian campaign.

Algeria is leading an initiative in coordination with 13 African countries, which has expanded at the moment to 21 countries, to withdraw observer status in the African Union from Israel, which is obtained about two weeks ago by a unilateral decision from the Chairperson of the Union Commission, Moussa Faki Mohamed.

Algeria is conducting high-level contacts to draft an African decision to be submitted to the next meeting of the Union countries to cancel the decision to accept Israel as an observer state in the Union.

On the other hand, the UAE is enlisting its diplomacy in coordination with Israel to thwart Algerian efforts, especially since Abu Dhabi considers that increasing Israeli influence serves its interests.

On the other hand, Algeria received the support of many countries, including Niger, Mali, Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania, South Africa, Liberia, Tanzania, Comoros, Gabon, Eritrea, Zimbabwe and Seychelles.

Algeria is seeking to develop the initiative and to propose on its basis an amendment to the Charter of the African Union that includes not allowing any country from outside the continent, based on the occupation of the territory of others, to obtain any status within the Union.

It was clear that the paragraph included in the Algerian Foreign Ministry’s statement regarding Israel’s obtaining of observer status, which spoke that “Algeria will not stand idly by” regarding this development; It was intended for Algeria to move towards the initiative to expel Israel from the African Union.

It is noteworthy that the Algerian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on July 25 that the decision to give Israel an observer deal in the African Union was taken without prior extensive consultations with member states and that it does not have any capacity or ability to legitimize the practices and behaviours of the observer. The new Israel, which completely contradicts the values ​​and principles enshrined in the Basic Law of the African Union.