Emirates Leaks

Analysis: UAE stabs the Palestinians in the back


PLO officials said that the escalation of Arab normalization with Israel is a stab in the Palestinian people back and a blatant betrayal.

The ruling regime in the UAE has recently inaugurated a stage of public normalization with Israel after many years of secret relations and cooperation in the political, security and other fields.

This appeared clearly in the suspicious participation of UAE and other Arab countries in the Warsaw Conference held by the American administration a few days ago in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The statement of the UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed on the “right of Israel” to defend its interests and security in Syria, was the most prominent in the conference.

Bin Zayed and his ilk were participating in the Warsaw conference and they were afraid to face microphones and cameras. They realize that their mission in Poland was beyond the stated goal of confronting which is confronting the Iranian influence, which is, for many, a goal that justifies the rapprochement with the real enemy. It is supposed not to mention everything about the normalization with Israel in meetings covered by the media. But leaking reveals the advanced stages reached towards normalization.

In a recording leaked by of the Israeli Prime Minister office, Bin Zayed, appeared to build his understanding of Israeli military activities in Syria considering it as self-defense, as it was described in a speech which was not supposed to go out to the public, as the session was on the sidelines of the Warsaw Conference which the media was not invited to.

In fact, the media heard a great Israeli boast of a historic transformation achieved to Tel Aviv. The Arab counties are not only required to build ties with Tel Aviv but to support of the occupier.

Is Iranian danger, according to the US vice president, what really converges Israel and that group of Arabs in Netanyahu’s conference and meetings with Arabs on the sidelines of the event that seemed to prepare the region for what the Americans call a new era of cooperation in the face of the challenges in the Middle East. They are who circumvented the meeting to promote a plan to end the Palestinian issue after the Israeli elections in April.

Will the talk of deals be promoted without the Arabic normalization with those who occupy the land and Judaizing sanctities within a project of normalization led by the UAE!

Contacts and secret meetings between Arab officials and non-official delegates with the Israeli side are not new. But embarrassment what often pushes the Arab leader to deny ties, however, those feelings no longer exist. Israel is no longer silent about normalization while it is being done openly which a behavior increased in Arab states that do not have peace treaties with Tel Aviv. For example, Channel 13 revealed a series of secret talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed in the wake of the signing of the nuclear agreement with Iran in 2008.

Palestinians consider the practices normalization with Israel, by the United Arab Emirates and other Arab states, openly a grave violation of the Arab Peace Initiative, which stipulates normalization of relations between Israel and Arab states on the condition of withdrawal from the Palestinian and Arab territories occupied since 1967 and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

However, credible sources confirmed to the Emirates Leaks that the UAE is pushing for a change in the Arab Peace Initiative, which has already not being implemented and many Arab countries, notably Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and other African Islamic countries such as Chad, Morocco, and Somalia, and has already begun the stage of building secret relations with Israel for years.

The sources confirmed that Arabic and Islamic countries are boasting in the media about their adherence to the Arab Peace Initiative, and their concern not to start the normalization expect for just and logical solutions for the Palestinian issue, but all of this is completely contrary to what is happening inside closed doors.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE succeeded in leading the rest of the Arab countries to the public normalization, which has recently emerged with a number of Arabic and Islamic countries and encouraged those countries to what was prohibited in the past.

The sources added: “Arab countries, led by the UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, began to think about modifying the initiative in line with the political developments in the region.”

The same sources revealed that the most important item in the initiative, which is relations with Israel, will be modified, making normalization and opening official relations with Israel optional, without obligation from other countries.

American and Israeli attempts to modify the Peace Initiative have been going on for years, but they have always faced strong Arab rejection. However, relations that have witnessed surprising developments in recent months have encouraged the administration of Washington to reactivate and implement this step.