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Tunisian coup staged by UAE


Political observers unanimously agreed that what Tunisia witnessed last night constituted a full-fledged coup with Emirati fingerprints.

Tunisian President Kais Saied announced the activation of Article 80 of the constitution and the dissolution of all state institutions, especially the House of Representatives.

Soon, the Emirati regime’s media machines began to spread lies and misinformation by promoting what they called “the joy of the Tunisian people” during the reception of Qais Saeed’s coup decisions against Parliament and the government.

Emirati media and their trolls published videos of limited numbers of supporters of the UAE-funded Free Constitutional Party celebrating the decisions of Qais Saeed.

Politicians and observers considered that the sudden step of the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, against the Tunisian Parliament and the Tunisian government, announcing their dissolution, and activating Chapter 80 of the Constitution, bears the hallmarks of the counter-revolution led by the Arab Emirates.

Observers said that Qais Saeed managed to activate this chapter of the constitution. They are achieving what the UAE has tried to achieve for months to reach one goal: to dissolve the Parliament elected by the people and undermine the country’s democracy.

The Tunisian Observer website stated that Qais Saeed’s decisions came simultaneously and harmoniously with acts of violence and chaos carried out by the Free Constitutional Party’s supporters under Emirati instructions.

The sources say that this step by Qais Saeed is an embodiment and confirmation of his alliance, which has recently surfaced with the Egyptian regime headed by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Emirati regime.

The recent events in Tunisia did not come by chance but rather a recent episode of chaos and tampering with parliamentary work months ago.

The head of the Free Constitutional Party, Abeer Moussa, who the Emirates backs, has defied parliamentary work and brought out the parliamentary scene in its ugliest form.

This is part of a precise plan by the godmother of the counter-revolution, the Emirates.

Disrupting the Parliament’s work was only a prelude to the President’s decision to dissolve it and lift the immunity of his deputies, in a dangerous step that represents a direct threat to the democratic experience in Tunisia.

Saeed announced the freezing of Parliament, the suspension of the immunity of all MPs, and the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi, under the pretext of the violent protests that took place in several cities.

Saeed spoke of other measures that will be “taken later, according to the development of the situation,” in a step that constitutes a complete coup against the constitution and the political system in Tunisia.

The President added that he would take over the executive branch with the help of a new prime minister, in the most significant challenge since the adoption of the constitution in 2014, which divided powers between the President, the prime minister and Parliament.

In an attempt to deny the coup accusation, Saeed said that the measures “are not a suspension of the law nor a departure from constitutional legitimacy.”

He added, “I warn many who are trying to infiltrate or resort to arms that we will not remain silent on anyone who insults the state and its symbols.”

He threatened that “whoever fires a single bullet, our armed, military and security forces will confront him with a barrage of bullets,” he said.