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UAE launches media platforms and mobilizes mercenaries to defame Muslim communities in Europe

The ruling regime in the UAE is involved in launching media platforms and mobilizing mercenaries, which are being hired with money to defame Islam and Muslim communities in Europe.

The Euroscope for Middle eastern affairs, a European institution dedicated to monitoring the interactions of Middle East issues in Europe, revealed the launch of a new website aimed at distorting Islam and the work of Muslim communities in Europe.

Euroscope said the site was named “European Eye on Radicalization” and was run directly by Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, one of the leaders of the UAE security and intelligence forces and a close associate of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed.

Erouscope said that the work of the site depends on the controversial Saudi full-line known for his anti-Islamic non-Wahhabi groups and his declared and undisclosed attacks on the work of the Muslim communities in Europe.

The editorial director of the Italian right-wing writer Sara Berzuskiewicz, who is known as a doctoral student at the Catholic Sacred Heart University in Milan, has worked as a visiting scholar in the program of extremism at George Washington University.

Euroscope has learned that the budget for the “European Eye on Radicalization” is more than one million three hundred thousand euros a year and the UAE is counting on it to strengthen its presence in Europe and to fight any activities of its opponents as well as to distort political Islam organizations.

An Italian professor of the Euroscope revealed that the administration of “European Eye on Radicalization” had offered him a monthly payment of 7,000 euros for writing a weekly article attacking Islam and trying to distort the work of the Muslim communities in Europe.

The lobby of the UAE has been active in many areas for years to try to enhance the impact of the UAE in Europe at the expense of distorting and inciting the work of Muslim communities, using several websites and fake human rights organizations.

The Emirates Leaks exposed mercenaries used by the United Arab Emirates to distort Arab and Islamic communities in Austria and other countries in Europe and to abuse their image.

Nasser al-Hayek, a Palestinian who had lived in Libya until 1988, leads the group of mercenaries before he left for Canada, where he lived depending on refugee aid, ate narcotic pills, and then emigrated to Austria.

He is assisted by Ahmed Mourad, a Palestinian refugee who graduated from the Jordan Aviation Institute.

Murad worked as an expert in the US Embassy in Turkey to train the Free Army personnel in Syria, then stopped a year later. He and his sister and mother traveled to Austria with a ticket worth 10,000 euros.

Hayek claimed that he was working as a reporter for a Palestinian website called Donia Al-Watan before being expelled by the site for excesses and abuses.

Hayek and Murad were active in promoting the demands of the unity of the Arab and Muslim communities in Europe and calling for their interests to be before the UAE recruited them to work in its favor, which is contrary to what he used to call for.

Later, they got involved in problems with members of the Arab and Islamic communities in Austria and other European countries provoking crises with ancient institutions representing Arabs and Muslims in a number of European countries.

The UAE paid money to Al Hayek and wanted him a plan to block Arab and Islamic institutions in Europe and to limit its role and incite Arab and Muslim communities in Europe.

Al-Hayek runs the page Houna Al Namsa (Here is Austria), which is specialized in distorting the Arab work and the Islamic communities in the country and focuses on the publication of dirty pictures and videos.

Al-Hayek manages the page in the Yellow pages system and produces paid videos by the UAE.

Al-Hayek also runs an internet site dedicated to his dubious mission, InfoGrat, which periodically publishes press reports that offend the Arab and Muslim community in Austria and in general Europe.

Among these reports are: The Muslim Brotherhood in Austria, How do the extremists exploit political freedoms? The weakness and fragmentation of the Arabs and Muslims of Austria, as well as other reports of suspicious objectives and content.

With a UAE funding, the website incites on Islamic organizations operating in Austria and links them to the Muslim Brotherhood to defame its image to serve Abu Dhabi policies in the fight against moderate political Islam.

The site also incites well-known Muslim families living in Austria and other countries, accusing them of being “a model for Muslim Brotherhood families in the West.”

The website argues that any analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in Austria will not be complete if the Palestinian activists do not include many of the country’s working personnel “who are in various ways linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, especially the Palestinian branch of the group, Hamas.”

The website accuses Muslim organizations in Austria and other countries of working with Turkish organizations to distort its image. It is alleged that Turkey’s role within

Austrian Islamic organizations are one of the most important developments in Austrian Islam in the near future over the past decade.

The site does not miss public incitement against well-known Islamic personalities and advocates such as Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and Adnan Ibrahim. The site also involves Arab personalities known for their Islamic activism and defending Arab causes in Europe, such as activist Hossam Shaker.

The UAE has often been implicated in inciting Europe to tighten its supervision of mosques. “We should not simply build mosques and allow anyone to go there and give speeches,” said UAE Minister of Tolerance Nahayan Mubarak Al Nahyan. There must be a license to do so.”

“We believe that something has to happen in Europe. The European countries were well-intentioned when they allowed these people to run their own mosques and centers, but in turn, religious leaders must be trained to be well versed in Islam and not authorized to give sermons in mosques, No one in Europe can go to a church and simply preach it.”

The UAE has also pursued Islamic activities, narrowed its ranks, and spent billions to marginalize the role of political Islam. 83 Islamic institutions have been classified as terrorist organizations, including the World Federation of Muslim Scholars, as well as the Muslim Brotherhood.

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