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Emirati opponents to Mansour bin Zayed: The UAE has changed for the worse


Emirati dissidents responded to Mansour bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs that the UAE has changed for the worse.

“Mansour bin Zayed, or the thief of sovereign funds, says that the Emirates today are not the same as they were ten years ago,” said prominent academic Youssef Khalifa Al-Youssef.

“We tell him that ten years ago the Emirates were the emirates of Zayed and his brothers,” Al-Youssef added.

And he continued, “As for the UAE today, it is the country for murderers, thieves of religion and public money, and traffickers in prostitution, such as you and Bin Rashid, do you understand?”

For his part, media activist Hamad Al Shamsi wrote, “Mansour is right; the UAE has changed a lot in ten years.”

“Internally, it has become more repressive and repressive, and externally it has become more isolated,” Al Shamsi said.

“The UAE won is hated by millions of Arabs because of its role in the counter-revolution and its normalization with Israel.”

Al Shamsi stressed that the UAE “has lost a lot and needs a new political project that guarantees the people’s right to political participation and accountability.”

Mansour bin Zayed had claimed that media interest in the UAE increased during 2020 only to 3-fold.

Bin Zayed claimed that this was “due to the strategic projects and global initiatives adopted by the state, such as the launch of the Hope Probe, the Barakah nuclear power plant’s launch, and the historic peace treaty” referring to the declaration of normalization with Israel.

Mansour bin Zayed claimed that the UAE regime “succeeded” in managing the Covid-19 virus pandemic, despite its adverse effects on the world.

This is to cover the great government failure in dealing with the Corona pandemic file and the record spread of injuries in the country.

Mansour bin Zayed claimed that the UAE “in the global perspective today is not the same as before the past five or ten years.”

He claimed that this was “comparable to the changes that have taken place and to keep pace with the rapid developments and great achievements in various fields and sectors.”

Bin Zayed was speaking during the first meeting of the “national media” after the UAE Cabinet’s decision approved it.

The Emirati regime and its symbols pursue media promotion to cover up failure and corruption incidents in the country.