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Palestine summons its ambassador to the UAE


The State of Palestine summoned its ambassador to the UAE in protest against the recently announced deal of normalization with Israel, and called for an emergency Arab and Islamic meeting to confront Abu Dhabi’s move.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riyad al-Malki announced on Thursday evening that at the orders of President Mahmoud Abbas, Palestine has decided to immediately summon its ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

The Palestinian leadership announced its strong rejection and condemnation of the deal, which the UAE claims that it is in exchange for the suspension of the annexation plan.

The Palestinian leadership said that this step undermines the Arab Peace Initiative, the decisions of the Arab and Islamic summits, and international legitimacy.

The Palestinian leadership rejected what the United Arab Emirates did for it is a step in the back of Palestinian cause and demanded the gulf country to immediately cancel this disgraceful declaration.

It also refused to trade off an illegal annexation suspension for total normalization, using the Palestinian issue as a cover for this purpose. The leadership warned other Arab leaders from yielding to the American pressure and following in the footsteps of the UAE and free normalization with the Israeli occupation state at the expense of the Palestinians’ rights.

The Palestinian leadership affirmed that the UAE, or any other party, has no right to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people, and does not allow anyone to intervene in the Palestinian affairs or report on their behalf regarding their legitimate rights in their homeland.