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Saied blocks the doors of dialogue in Tunisia with Emirati support


Tunisian President Kais Saied blocked the ways for dialogue to resolve the crisis following the coup he
carried out two weeks ago with Emirati support.

The political scene in Tunisia is still ambiguous, especially after Qais Saied said that there is no dialogue
with those he described as “cancerous cells.”

So Ennahda described the exceptional measures taken by the President on July 25 as a “coup against
the constitution and democracy,” the movement called, in a statement, to open dialogue with the
President to “overcome the complex crisis, achieve social peace and implement the necessary reforms.”

As a result, Qais Saied adheres to his position and the measures he took, saying in his last
speech, “There is no dialogue except with the truthful.”

Yesterday, the UAE sent its former foreign minister, Anwar Gargash, to meet Qais Saied, intending to understand him on the steps to confirm his coup directly.

Moreover, Sources told Emirates Leaks that Gargash informed Saied during their meeting at the
Carthage Palace in the Tunisian capital that Abu Dhabi fully supports his recent decisions, mainly the
exclusion of the Ennahda party and the opponents of the Emirates.

The sources added that Gargash informed Saied that the UAE would provide financial support in several
forms in the next stage.

Then, the Tunisian presidency announced that Qais Saied received Gargash, who was carrying a
written message from the UAE President, Khalifa bin Zayed.

Furthermore, Saied expressed a clear indication of his alliance with the UAE regime and praised “the
strength of the strong and distinguished brotherly relations that unite the two countries, and Tunisia’s
keenness to further raise it to the highest ranks in the service of the common interest of the two peoples.”

Gargash stressed that the UAE is confident in Qais Saeed’s ability to cross this stage and protect the
Tunisian state from all that threatens it, emphasizing the UAE’s readiness to support Tunisia and stand by it.

On the Republic Day, corresponding to July 25, Saied announced the implementation of the provisions of
Article 80 of the Tunisian Constitution, to dismiss the Prime Minister, Hisham Al-Mashishi, and to freeze
the work of Parliament headed by Rashid Ghannouchi (leader of the Ennahda movement), for a renewable month.

Saied wants to establish himself within the various positions of the executive authority, exerting
pressure and marginalization on all political parties.

Senior Tunisian sources revealed that the first deposits of the UAE arrived in Tunisia, fulfilling the
promise of Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed to Qais Saied if he succeeded in completing the coup.

The sources said to Khaleej 24 that the Central Bank of Tunisia informed the Tunisian presidency of arriving $4 billion from Abu Dhabi.

They indicated that President Saeid decided to transfer the amount as a deposit in the Tunisia Investment Fund.

The sources indicated that the remaining amount is 3 billion dollars, two of which favour implementing
economic plans and stopping the current deterioration situation.

The sources stated that the money was part of a series of considerable promises to President Saeed as
a gift from Bin Zayed if he completed the coup in Tunisia.

Sources had revealed that Bin Zayed had promised him $7 billion, 5 of which would be deposited in the
Tunisia Investment Fund.

They pointed out that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi assured Saied that he would provide significant
concessions on the economic front and stop the current deteriorating situation in Tunisia.

The sources revealed that Bin Zayed promised the Tunisian President not to allow the country to fall
economically and link all these promises to him to complete the terms of the coup, which he indicated to him that he would be met with great media support.