Twitter suspends Emirates Leaks official account

Twitter suspended the official account of Emirates Leaks for the second time since the beginning of 2020, with direct incitement from the UAE authorities.

Emirates Leaks Twitter account, the media platform specialized in publishing documents related to the UAE, was suddenly suspended on Tuesday evening, July 27, 2021, without providing any justifications.

The suspension of the account on Twitter came in light of violent and intense attacks on the website about five weeks ago from the UAE authorities, which led to its suspension on several occasions.

Emirates Leaks revelations and scandalous exposure of the UAE seemed to have angered the authorities, which pushed them to exert unparalleled efforts to silence our whistleblowers.

In January 2020, Twitter closed the Emirates Leaks account, which had been arbitrarily followed by tens of thousands, under pressure from the UAE.

Emirates Leaks confirms that it is unfortunate and shameful that Twitter continues to collude with the Emirati regime in violating freedom of opinion and expression and restricting the media in response to Abu Dhabi’s pressure.

Arab tweeters have previously launched multiple electronic campaigns exposing the repression of the Twitter office in Dubai, the UAE, for freedom of expression and calling for its closure due to Abu Dhabi’s black record of violating human rights.

Activists tweeted on the hashtag #ChangeTwitterOfficeDubai, in protest against the impact of the global social networking site on repressive practices against freedom of opinion and expression.

Activists criticized the closure of the Twitter office in Dubai, accounts of Arab Spring activists, and the deletion of hashtags against certain regimes in the region, despite the many tweets on them, especially since the UAE, where the regional office is located.

This comes as criticism continues of social networking sites, following their compliance with the laws and pressures of countries that take them as their headquarters, specifically in the Arab region.