Emirates Leaks

Mahmoud Al-Awadi, an Emirati zionist media figure


The Emirati journalist Mahmoud Al-Awadi is a living example of the Emirati media, which promotes the Israeli zionist propaganda.

Al-Awadi recently assumed the position of editor-in-chief of the first Israeli-Emirati newspaper published from Tel Aviv, founded by zionist groups and dominated by settlers.

The newspaper aims at promoting normalization and whitewash Israel’s image for the Arabic and Western world.

Al-Awadi is the regional director of the Saudi Elaph newspaper, which is considered a promotion and propaganda agency for Israel and has played a prominent role in the normalization and soft presentation of Israel since its inception.

Elaph newspaper formed a platform for Israeli officials, and this was confirmed by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, which acknowledged that the Israeli leadership is using Elaph to communicate Israeli positions to the Arab region.

Suspicious media cooperation

On May 6, it was announced the launch of an Emirati-Israeli media platform based in Tel Aviv, whose editor-in-chief is Al-Awadi.

At the time, Al-Awadi said that the working group consists of Arab and Israeli journalists and that it will initially be in Arabic and Hebrew, with an English version to follow later.

Prior to that, the Emirates News Agency signed a cooperation agreement with the Israeli TPS agency “with the aim of enhancing joint cooperation between the two sides in terms of exchanging news content.”

In December, a new agreement was announced between the UAE and Israel, this time targeting the media sector through a memorandum of understanding with suspicious goals to strengthen the alliance and publicize normalization between the two sides.

Private sources revealed to Emirates Leaks that the signed memorandum includes not hosting figures who oppose normalization and focusing on a plan to impose relations with Israel and market them in the Arab Gulf region.

The sources pointed out that the memorandum includes not publishing news of Israel’s violations and crimes against the Palestinians in the Emirati media and highlighting the Israeli narrative in return for blocking the Palestinian narrative and what is related to the Israeli occupation and its daily practices.

The same sources stated that the memorandum also includes giving wide space to Israeli speakers through the media institutions of the Abu Dhabi Media Group and promoting the beautification of Israel’s image.

Israel-based I24 News and Abu Dhabi Media Group announced that they had signed a memorandum of understanding to “develop content” and “provide mutual news coverage” for the crews of the two media organizations.

The memorandum of understanding between I24 News, which broadcasts in Arabic, English and French, and Abu Dhabi Media Group, a general media services company that provides services to Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi sports channels and the Abu Dhabi Radio Network, allows “the exchange of coverage in the field of news, current issues, reports and content production” with a focus on the Arabic language.