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The UAE regime is contradicting itself on the escalation with Iran


The UAE regime has strongly contradicted itself regarding the escalation with Iran over Tehran’s accusation of targeting oil tankers in the UAE port of Fujairah last month.

The UAE has not directly blamed Iran for the attack on tankers so far despite Saudi and US accusations against Tehran.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia and its ally, the UAE, have gathered three Islamic, Arab and Gulf summits to incite Iran.

“The region does not want war or escalation, but it is fed up with the Iranian bullying,” said UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash.

“We are on the brink of a sensitive regional phase which is the outcome of Iranian policies in the region,” Gargash said through his official Twitter account. “Wisdom is needed and firmness is a must, Riyadh remodeled the Gulf, Arab and to some point the Islamic world’s stance on the issue through three successful summits, assuring its vital role after gathering the Gulf and Arabs’ momentum.”

“Apart from media platforms, we have an opportunity build on a gathered political position of the three summits, a position that combines wisdom, deterrence, and firmness, removing the region from its delicate atmosphere and ends the tension caused by Iranian interference in Arab affairs.”

Gargash claimed that “with the rise of the central role of Saudi Arabia, we see that the stage is witnessing the decline of the role of some of the spoiler countries of the region and some young prosecutors and this is a positive development. The region does not want war or escalation, but narrowed fed by the Iranian bullying,” he said.

Observers were surprised by Gargash’s comments about the lack of desire for war and escalation at the same time in which the Gulf countries refuse to conduct any dialogue with Iran to reveal whether they are serious about declaring good relations with the Gulf countries or deceive the world.

Observers say those who do not want war do not spend too much money on American and other arms deals, making the UAE one of the top ten countries to buy arms in the last few years.

Washington has justified the latest arms deal for the UAE and Saudi Arabia which is about $ 8 billion worth to counter Iranian threats. Trump’s administration has passed congressional approval in this deal due to the current “tension” with Iran. If no one wants war or escalation, why should not these governments and regimes sit down for dialogue? Or are all these regimes benefiting from the state of concern to subjugate people and their rights, as the control of peoples is a goal that governments and regimes in the region converge on?