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The crisis between the UAE and Germany following Mohammed bin Rashid’s wife running away to Germany


Emirate Leaks has learned of the outbreak of an undeclared crisis in the last few hours between the United Arab Emirates and Germany after the wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, ran away to German territory.

According to reliable sources, the Jordanian Princess Haya bint Al Hussein fled to Germany with her son Zayed and her daughter with the help of a German diplomat.

According to the sources, Princess Haya immediately requested asylum from the German authorities and divorce from her husband Mohammed bin Rashid.

The sources confirmed that both Mohammed bin Rashid and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed asked the German authorities to return the Jordanian Princess and her son and daughter to the UAE, but Berlin rejected this request strongly and confirmed its commitment not to exercise forcible return under any considerations against the Princess of Jordan.

The German authorities refused to return the Jordanian princess caused Mohammed bin Rashid to anger and escalated anger against the German government.

Princess Haya bint Al Hussein (3 May 1974), daughter of King Hussein Bin Talal of his wife Queen Alia and sister of King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein.

The incident brought to mind one of the daughters of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Sheikha Lutfiya, which ran away after complaining that she had been imprisoned for three years and subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment.

Latifa has provided with a former French spy named John Pierre Herve Joubert, who has a history of helping people in Dubai escape through his registered yacht in America.

Prior to her escape, Latifiya reported that she had not been allowed to leave the country since 2000 and was being monitored around the clock.

Sheikha Latifa said she had two sisters from the same mother and “we are not allowed to keep the passport.” She added that “if she leaves, she has a certain driver, she can not go from Dubai to any other emirate without permission.”

Later, the UAE authorities returned Sheikha Lotfiya by force and put her under house arrest. The doctors then began to give her sedatives after being hysterical.